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I was inspired by the simple beauty and elegant form of the Calla Lily and began the creation of my Lily Collection. It has grown, developed and remains my signature range.

A timeless classic suitable for all occasions.

The Calla Lily has meant different things at different periods in history but its classic meaning is considered to be magnificent beauty. The romans believed it symbolized lust and sensuality because of its large pistils but, with the rise of christianity, it came to represent the symbolism of purity, honesty, divinity, marital bliss and true devotion.

Each piece is hallmarked by the Birmingham Assay office.

Amanda’s Lily Collection is available in silver, 9 & 18 carat gold and 18ct gold plated vermeil on silver. Top quality freshwater pearls are available in white, peacock black, natural pink, and silver grey.

Lily Collection

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